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How was Maurice Wylie Ministries Launched?

As Maurice entered into the reality of God, through the ministry of Rev. John Hamilton in 1986, and some years on serving in a local church, the calling started to come forth when God asked, “Will you serve a church or will you serve My Church?” Maurice responded with, “I will serve Your Church Lord!” At that moment God said, “Step down from leadership!” As a founding member of a local assembly Maurice stepped down and the journey began.

During those years of being set aside, Maurice had the honour of becoming a spiritual son to John Hamilton and a friend to Alexander (Alec) Schofield. It would be these two men of God who would bring such insight into the ways of God, allowing Maurice to understand the process God uses to walk in Him.

One of the major visions God gave to Maurice was while “The Troubles” (Civil War) in Northern Ireland were at its worst. The vision showed ‘A spirit of the blood’ set on the throne and demanded ‘blood sacrifices’ through those who yielded to it. Over three thousand lives were sacrificed to it until prayer of intercession warriors brought it down and “The Troubles” ended. Within the vision God also said… “As the blood of the innocent swept through the streets, so shall the Blood of My dear Son!” Revival was coming to Ireland!

Thinking God needed help to fulfil the vision; Maurice launched a ministry which led him to stand and minister with renowned international names of the gospel. For several years the numbers increased to the degree that hundreds were now being turned away as the halls were not big enough. But something was about to change!
In a private business meeting with Apostle Mahesh Chavda, he said, “God has given me a word for you. Within three months your ministry will close. And after a time it will rise to be greater than you will ever have dreamed of!”

Even though larger events were still being organised, the word of the Lord had been spoken. Within three months, the ministry that had been deemed successful was now closed and Maurice had to find himself again. Somewhere it all had gone wrong!

Many have asked Maurice about the word Mahesh gave, “Were you not disappointed, hearing your ministry was going to close?” A smile lights up his face to tell the hearer, “When God corrects, I know I am His child!”

A journey would now start. Not of building outward things, but a stripping of internal fig leaves of the heart, allowing the heart to see.

Like anything of purity, it is carved in the furnace of affliction and Maurice’s journey in God took him from a realm of being found naked when stripped to being stripped and found NOT naked in God! (See the “Kings Table” tab for more revelation on this.)

After years of being alone with God, with no needing to have or seeking to have, a ministry, (As most Christians would call it) in 2010 God spoke very directly and said, “Now is the time!” From being stripped of the ways of man, Maurice entered into the ways of God. Since then, other outstanding visions have been fulfilled. A twenty year old vision of Kenya took place one year later in September 2011when Maurice arrived under the leading of God. Many wonders took place, such like God’s glory coming into the halls and pastors falling prostrate weeping out for God.
When asked, “What is the difference between before and now in your ministry?” Maurice will answer, “The hardest part was letting go. It is so much easier when God does it!”

It is with such revelation of God’s word, with understanding, that brings clarity to the listener, with the meat of the Word being distributed evenly to those who hunger for what Maurice ministers.

Maurice Wylie Ministries (MWM) is governed by what the Spirit says we will do. At MWM we are enriched by individuals who are reaching and those who have reached into the realms of the Glory of God being with us. These saints are all over the world and only one word could describe them – precious!

With divine connections, God is now bringing the latter part of the word that Mahesh spoke “…it will rise to be greater than you could ever dream of!”

Be encouraged and know, that which God started in you, He never would have started if He could not have finished it! Leave all behind (How we think it should be done) and press in (How God wants to do it) and attain the prize of His calling!


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