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The Maurice Wylie Ministries carries an anointing in it's correspondence with you. We would love for you to experience the reality of God through this ministry. From the pastor to the believer, from the prison to the pulpit, from the addiction to the secret sin, from debts to investment and from pride to a fall - we have seen, heard and can deal with it all. Together in truth we stand!


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The Words of Others...
Powerful and Awesome…! I am truly blessed by your words of wisdom.
Thank you for sharing what God has given to you. God bless you always!"

"Dear Maurice, Greetings from Arizona, USA. As I came upon your site and read your testimony, my heart leaped.
You’re right it’s all about Him…
Glory Hallelujah!"

"Thanks for all the things you've shared on this site. God bless you and may he continue to pour his love through you."

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