The ministry of Apostle John King Hill is defined by the radical demonstration of God‘s power with overwhelming healing, miraculous deliverance and the prophetic power of God. He has prophesied several major world events and personal happenings that were accurate, reliable and very credible, with others still to pass.

Apostle John King Hill was ordained by the world renowned servant of God, Rod Parsley, Pastor of World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio. Apostle Hill holds the following degrees: Bachelor in Biblical Studies, Master in Theology, Doctorate of Divinity, and PhD in Ministry.

Although Apostle John King Hill has experienced the power of God and seen the miraculous: tumors vanished; deaf ears made to hear; canes abandoned; cancer cells die; ulcers, arthritis, terminal illnesses, various sicknesses and diseases healed; demons cast out; barren wombs conceived; the power of addictions broken and curses removed; his heart never ceased to cry for more, much more and greater power of God.

Today, Apostle John King Hill‘s ministry has taken an explosive turn by the glorious power of God some of which can be watched via Christian TV.

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