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Welcome to the King’s Table!
“He brought me into his banqueting house...”
Song of Solomon 2:4

A place where God’s Word is revealed, giving you nourishment and fulfillment.

We believe that you to have arrived at this page because of your hunger for more of the Master. The “Kings Table” has been designed just for you.

We are in an age where the Church has become more focused on being a recreational centre, an emotional "build-me-up" and a wealth of know how, YET we leave the same way we came – hungry – nothing to feed our spiritual man.

Where is the drawing of the Spirit, the call rising from within and the inner tears of the price the Lord is asking you to commit unto. All this and more happens where the presence of the Lord is, when the anointing heals and delivers, were revelation from the throne room of Heaven is revealed. Is that your Church? That is the “King’s Table!”

Members of the "King's Table" receive full access to the articles and commentaries produced by MWM. Writings to challenge, encourage, fulfill and empower you to complete the path that God has called you to.

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