“A Bride Prepared” is like a breath of fresh air in the heat of the day. Hidden truths from God’s Word are woven with true stories and the author’s personal experiences, so that each chapter inspires faithfulness to the Bridegroom.

The majority of Evangelical churches proclaim, “Behold I stand at the door and knock,” as a message to the sinner. Yet this verse of scripture was written to the Church, not the sinner! Could it be that while we are holding Church, the One we are holding Church for is outside knocking, trying to get in?

What if there were no pews, no stained glass windows, no pulpit, and no group of singers? What if we adorned no leader in our minds, and no building built with human hands? Would we ask, “Can we still have church?” Your answer to this question will reveal if you have become entangled with an adulterous spirit that, from the Garden of Eden until now, has sought to take us from our first principle – God!

Whether it is natural or spiritual adultery, many readers will conclude that either they or someone they know has come under its spell. But now you can hold in your hands the keys to overcome and to lead others to victory against it, as you read, “A Bride Prepared.”

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