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It's Time to Remove the "Bus Stand Fellowship" from the Church

God never called the Church to have a "Bus Stand Fellowship!"Have you ever gone past a bus stand or stood in a bus stand with other people?

You stand or sit on the bench as if you are not there - an invisible being to some degree!

Sometimes maybe at the bus stand your there for quite a time among people that you see everyday going somewhere and each day itís the same - you and them are a stranger and will remain a stranger in the "Bus Stand Fellowship!"

God never called the Church to have a "Bus Stand Fellowship!" I know you might say you "what do you mean?" I simply mean you go to church, attend a service, come home again and no one is any wiser - no fellowship - each one remains a stranger!

The Book of Acts saw a powerful move of God but it was not based on attending church it was based on fellowship. True fellowship is caring enough to see you brother or sister is not in lack. Itís inviting them for tea not for being nosey but for what is common about you - Jesus Christ.

True fellowship is the desire to be with one and another to advance the kingdom (seek first the kingdom) itís where you come together of same mind and pray because prayer is your lifestyle.

Don't spend any more time in the "Bus Stand Fellowship" where youíre shocked if someone speaks to you. That is a miracle! Iím tired of the emptiness in the church where we attend for the service and not realize the service is us.

Take a step out and encourage someone - let God's love flow and fellowship of the Spirit to come - it's where God is!!!!


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