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Do you have a carrot ministry?The Carrot Ministry
Eating the carrot before it eats you!

Whether you’re a believer or stand in office within a Church today - we have many carrots that are dangled in front of us by the enemy.

What I’m about to share with you is something that could avoid your time, money and energy being wasted.

How do you know you have a carrot ministry?

Believing - As Christians we are called to a walk of faith and must believe in the things not seen. But there are times in our walk when we can fall into the plans of the enemy, because he can have us waiting on something that’s just not going to happen! Have you ever been there? Believing that it will happen/it’s coming but it never does. It’s like the donkey that the owner sits on and holds the carrot out just enough so that the donkey "thinks" he is getting it by walking, and yet not realizing that he’s getting no closer.

Have there been goals or dreams that you have had, perhaps you’re still trying to attain them but they never get there? Could it be that you are in the carrot ministry?

Time - Remember, time is something that we only have once in this life. From the time you have started to read this until now - that time will never happen again. Time cannot be wasted. If the devil can't get to you via sin, temptation then believe me he will do all to distract you and waste your time. How does he do that? Simply by placing a counterfeit in front of you and it will be so close to the real thing but you will never be fulfilled in it. Are you unfulfilled in your ministry/work? Are you spending unnecessary hours doing something that does not have results?

The sign posts on this carrot road will be depression, tiredness, anxiousness, concerns, etc. Time spent wisely will carry results and joy. Which road are you on?

Money - Imagine if a farmer took his seed and sowed it into the same fields each year and got a harvest from all of them except one and he repeated it year after year with that field bearing no harvest. He must recognize that the seed must be ok as it brings results in all the other fields except this one. So he must come to a conclusion (which can be difficult) that something’s wrong. Now that field may mean something to him, he may have had it for years, it may even have been passed down the generations to him, but he must make the decision to attain the right soil for his seed to allow the harvest to come forth. If not, it will continually cost him. The field that does not bring forth results is stealing your money as it took money to buy the seed. You may have spent hundreds, thousands of dollars on a ministry/business but if there is no fruit then you will spend the same again trying to maintain what really is “the carrot ministry.” How much money will you burn?

Fruit - God is the God of multiplication and increase. When He plants – He reaps a harvest. He’s a fruitful God! The Bible say’s that Jesus cursed the fig tree because there was no fruit on it. Now to look at it you knew it was a fig tree, but – no fruit! Many times we can look and even act like a Christian but the question we must ask ourselves is, “Am I bearing fruit?” If not, why not? What is taking the seed that I’m sowing? You see, every seed has a time in which to grow. If a farmer sows, he expects to see a harvest. For whatever reason, if his seeds does not produce a harvest, you can be sure he’ll do all he can to find out why. We should do the same. When Jesus said, “cast your nets to the other side”, He knew the disciples were toiling all night and caught nothing. When they did as He said the nets were so full that they almost broke because He is a God of more than enough. You see, prior to that they were going to accept their work was all in vain with no fruit to show for their labor. Sometimes in our Christian walk we can feel the same that our time, effort and even finance’s that we invested were all in vain. Sadly we can even think that it’s God will for us but I’m here to tell you that He is not a God who wastes anything. We truly need to hear the voice of God as we are about His business.

The carrot ministry will have plenty of effort in it but the nets are near empty each time you expect to have a harvest. Are you in the carrot ministry?

If you have come to realize that you are in the “Carrot Ministry” then make a decision now to move away from it.

Make a decision now - If you always believe for it - stop it! Start believing in something that can happen!!!

Make a decision now - No fruit has come from it - stop it! Seek God's direction! What you can achieve with God will be more than you can do in your lifetime on your own strength.

Make a decision now - No time - stop it! You need to return to the One who has called you the One who has a plan for you that will not cause you to waste time.

Make a decision now - No money - stop it! If God is in it then He will pay for it. When God planned the birth of Jesus at no time will you read that He or His natural parents were in lack! Don't be scared to close something down before it closes you down.

Take what steps you need to refocus and see that anointing within you increase as you move your life into the place where it always sought to go - the path where no carrot is on!!


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