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When Doing Right can still be Wrong!

In the area where I was raised in Northern Ireland, “The Troubles” [1] were on the increase with bombs and murders almost every day. It was causing me as a twelve year old Christian to doubt what church was all about?

At this point, I had been attending a church for four years and had come to the conclusion that something was missing in my walk with the Lord. Nervously I went to see my minister one day to ask a question that shocked him. The question was, “Is there anything more in God?” He was stunned and said, “No, you read your Bible, come to church and sing your hymns!” Up to this point I had already been doing what he suggested. I had been taught how to behave, how to instruct younger people, how to attend ceremonies every-time the doors opened. In-fact such was my ability to succeed in ‘church’ life. That I was the first boy ever in that church to be given a trophy for behaviour and attendance. And YET! Within me was a void, that according to the Bible if not filled, will cause darkness to come knocking on its door! (Gen. 1:2) I was doing what was right to the best of my ability but somewhere I was still empty!

I concluded with all that had been happening around my young life that this was not going to be sufficient for the depth of darkness that was happening in my family and country at that time. With the decision of ‘The Troubles’ in Ireland being more real than God was, it led me to a downward path of backsliding! No longer did darkness just surround me, it took hold of me and robbed the next ten years of my life! Why did this happen? Because doing what looks right – in reading your Bible, attending church and singing your hymns is still not enough for the spiritual man within each one of us! We were created for something more! Let me explain...
Revelation 1:6 “For we have been made kings…” When we become ‘born-again’ we become kings in God. With the seed of Christ being planted inside of us we are given ruler-ship over the spirit realm - evil spirits. (Note: not each other, for there is but One Lord) Sadly, instead of been shown the power of the Cross in a surrendered life in this realm, as with royalty we are taught everything to be proper in church and yet we leave with a void, why? Because like I was, we are being given knowledge but not the ways of the Spirit! The ways of the Spirit opens us up to receive the wealth of heaven – the power of Holy Spirit. We must learn to remove every distraction that hinders us from living a life in the Holy Spirit – it was what Jesus died for!

I thank God for the first man who taught me that God was more than a sermon or a teaching! I was twenty two years old and several months had passed since I surrendered to the Holy Spirit. I got to hear about this new church and was told it had live worship, great Bible teacher etc. I remember going into the church building excited for hearing this singing, the worship, the teaching, etc.

The doorkeeper of that church was a Mr Alexander (Alec) Schofield. Shaking my hand I will never forget what he said, “Have you come to meet with God or with man?” WOW! I remember saying to him, “Hold on!” I ran back out of the building and repented outside. I then came back in shaking his hands as if for the first time whilst still wondering, how was he able to know the condition of my heart.

From the platform I was learning the knowledge of man about God, how to interpret Scripture, what was the gifts of the Spirit etc. But Alec was getting my attention as each time we met, I learnt from him God and the ways of God! He shared about a God that was more than a dead letter or a sermon. A God that was so real that He creates a hunger in one to find Him. I thank God for Alec who just didn’t tell me about the acts of God but as Scripture says if we know His way the acts will follow! (Ps 103:7)

Like the elders in Revelation (4:10-11) who cast their crowns off in worship before the Lord. We must remove everything (except Christ) that we glory in, especially “we know how to do it” attitude and lay them at the feet of Calvary! For at that moment, when we conclude that we ‘know how to do it,’ we actually have missed it! We are doing what is right but we are seriously wrong!!!

We have church down to a fine art! So many songs to sing, preach a sermon, take the offering etc. They are like royal ceremonies! Everything is precise for the programme must happen and still, people leaves void! The very thing that we come together for does not happen! Why? Because we are led by our natural more than our spirit-man under the leading of the Holy Spirit!

In 2nd Kings 13:14-20 it tells of a King Joash! He would have known how to behave, how to speak, how to give orders etc! Why, because being raised in royalty he would have been rehearsed in royalty.

To remove the errors that happen in our churches we must remove the King Joash thinking from our minds! King Joash thought that as long as he did what was right as in striking the arrows that all would be well for him and his nation. But unfortunately he found out after he did what was right, he still had missed the purpose that God had intended. God’s purpose was to destroy the work of evil! (v.17) King Joash with all his training and advisors was never taught to be sensitive to the Spirit.

Elisha told him to take the arrows and strike the ground, but the King only shot three and stopped. Elisha becomes angry, why? Because King Joash done what was right, he struck the ground, but in not hearing what Elisha was hearing (The Spirit) he was wrong!

When we become sensitive to the Spirit we are on the path that can only bring Life! What is the Spirit saying when we meet, when we sing? What is it that He wants us to do or equally not to do? Does He want us to pray for the person or tell that person go and dip seven times? Does He want us to lay hands on the person or put mud into the man’s eyes? Does He want us to speak the word or become the Word?

We don’t have to live in a void Christian lifestyle when there is a God that wants to speak and be more real to us than we can imagine. (Rev. 2:29) When we allow the Director of heaven and earth to take His place in our lives as His Church, things will never be the same.

We can be like King Joash who only had natural ears and was trained to see only the visible. Or we can be like Elisha who heard with his spiritual ears and saw into the invisible!

Don’t live a life of being void and doing just what is right. Live a life of fullness hearing the voice of the Father and seeing the invisible made visible in our day!!!

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[1] The Troubles – Civil unrest in Northern Ireland where over 3000 people were murdered



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