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In Every Garden There is a Snake!You must stand in authority over the garden that God has given you!

In Genesis we read about Adam and Eve being in the garden and in that garden was the enemy - the devil.

As leaders in the body of Christ it is important for us to show others that we ourselves go through the same issues of life as they do. But the key to walking in authority is to know the area that we have been given authority in.

In Adam and Eve's situation, their area was a garden called Eden. Most people think Eden was like a garden attached to their home, but this was not so. Eden was a large area of land, which was also their home.

Adam and Even were not just fighting for their lives. They were fighting for those who would come after them. Likewise, the Bible says that Jesus was the "second Adam." His garden was the world - and His fight was for those in the world.

Your garden can be your family, ministry, village, city, country, wherever God has placed you. God says in the Book of Jeremiah, "Before I formed you, I knew all about you." Imagine that, the God of the whole universe knowing you and me! But more than that, He knows all about our character, our weaknesses, and our flaws. And in knowing all that, He still chose us.

In choosing us, He also chose a garden to put us in. For Moses, He chose a Jewish nation that lived in Egypt. For Nehemiah, He chose Jerusalem, for Samson, the Philistines, for Peter, the gentiles, and for you____? The answer is the place God has given you authority over. He has given you authority over the devils in your area and each day you must hedge that area with the blood of Jesus.

Yes, Adam was told to hedge. (Gen 2:15) This is an old King James word used to explain what farmers would do. They would walk around the field and check to see if an entrance had been created in or out of the field. If they found a hole in the hedge they would "hedge it." This means they would take branches, etc. and close the hole in order to stop animals from getting in or out.

As you read the Scriptures, you will learn that at some point Adam became complacent. For when the devil, who came disguised as a snake, spoke to Eve, Adam stood by her and listened to her repeat what the devil had told her. When you and I listen to the voices of the enemy we are deceived and our authority becomes so compromised we do not use it, or cannot use it.

Something I find interesting here is that all the animals were brought before Adam for him to name (meaning their character). But in a moment of time the devil slipped through him, meaning Adam relaxed his authority and in so doing a snake came through the hedge and bit him (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

My point is that you must stand in authority over the garden that God has given you. The vision He has given you will come to pass. But you must stand strong and walk in that calling each day. As you do, Jesus will be glorified.


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