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Sometimes You Have to Grab It!

What if that which you thought was sent to destroy you, was allowed to stir you up?I remember in first year at High School where everything is more mature, teachers are all different and you had to impress.

The class with the physical education teacher caused every type of fear to rise in me. Mr. Simpson he was called told us all to line around the padded floor as he would show was "Martial Arts."

He picked out some of our class and tossed them all over the place - it was a living nightmare, as I knew my time would come. But when he called me out he called out the biggest guy of our class nickname “Dinger” who was renowned for beating up people. It was a time of panic and the thought if rapture could come let it come now!

“Dinger” looked at me and smiled with one of them smiles that said, "You’re going to be food for me." I knew I expressed fear and I’m sure my knees were knocking together as “Dinger” took a charge at me growling.

Before I go on with the story can I ask, “What if the thing that is facing you today in your eyes seems to be sent to be destroyed you?” But what if that which you thought was sent to destroy you was allowed to stir you up?

The enemies of Samson came around him to destroy him each time and yet it was only with the enemy coming around him that stirred him up to grab the anointing that was always there.

Remember the men who said, "Why sit here till we die?" The circumstances pushed them to a decision that they likely would never have made.

That day in the gym “Dinger” ran at me and somewhere inside of me came a thought - "Grab it!" Just as he was about to run over me, my hands went up and grabbed his tunic and I lay backwards putting my feet into his stomach and pushed. He went flying into the air landing in shame as I rose with shock that this guy everyone feared was suddenly under my feet.

Composing himself he got off the floor and came toward me. I stood wondering how hard he was going to punch me when instead he offered his hand of friendship and we became friends the rest of the school term.

Today "Put on the new man" and see the enemy that torments you run!



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