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Are You In an Illegitimate Fellowship?

A split in a church is a sore thing!The Bible says, (paraphrase) "They labor in vein if God does NOT build the house" and "Not to build the house on sand"

What God has put within my heart is that He is not the Father of "illegitimate" children, ministry, church etc.

What does "illegitimate" mean - not sanctioned in proper ways

How many fellowships do you know that came out of a split, then split, then split and so on? Why is this? Itís an illegitimate fellowship!

A split in a church is a sore thing itís like a couple going through divorce - it tears people and families apart creating hurt.

If you have had to leave a church take time out to pray and seek God for direction. The last thing we all need is another church started out of "I can do this better!" showing pride as the root and we all know where that will lead - split!!!

If you have been called out these are some points to remember

  • You are called of God for God.
  • The path before you may seem dark but His Light the Word will bring you direction.
  • Speak to a wise person - someone you know that hears from God and can pray for you and give counsel when needed. Do NOT pick someone who you know will always agree with you - pick someone who seeks the best for you - there is a big difference.
  • Feed yourself spiritually through tapes, videos, etc of those who encourages you. If you are married get the both of you together and make that a special time finishing in prayer.

No matter what the devil says in your ear youíre not alone and when the path youíre on opens up into a main road you will help many people.


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