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When you know your Seasons, you can sing in the prison

Some years ago God made a statement that brought sudden changes into my life because of the revelation that came with it. Are you ready to know what it is? Here goes, “As it is in the natural so it is in the Spirit!” Did you read that? As it is in the natural so it is in the Spirit!

In the natural we have seasons. Are you aware that in the Spirit there are also seasons?
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 says, “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Some people enjoy the winter because of the snow while others enjoy the summer because of the heat, but no matter which one we like, one thing for sure, a season will end and another begins. In which season is your life?

In Genesis chapters 37-45 Joseph thought that he had to dig himself out of the prison in trying to get others involved in an escape plan as opposed to God’s plan, but he had forgotten the end of his God-given dream – it would only be God that would be able to put him in a place where the people that once stood against him, would now bow before him as in the order of his dream. Joseph had to realise, instead of trying to get out of the prison, God had to take the prison out of him.

When we get the prison out of ourselves, then that which once would have hindered, bound, depressed, passes us by, has no longer any hold on us, because we have changed! We have come to understand ‘seasons’ and in doing so we understand that IN Christ ‘all things, not some things, but ALL works to the glory of God!” Let’s go a little deeper…

Are you aware that even being anointed you still are not exempt from darkness coming to surround you? God in his omnipotent (unlimited power) and omniscient (knowing all things) being has no fear of darkness. So much so that He used darkness as His secret place. (Ps 18:11) Even in the darkness God is still Light (Ps 139:12) and guess what? That’s the place God seeks for you to be, even in darkness you are still light!
There are no BAD DAYS in God only bad vision in us let’s see how to cleanse our spiritual eyes!

Paul and Silas, the anointed apostles who walked in the signs and wonders came themselves into a season of darkness that surrounded them. In-fact in their darkness the Bible says that they were whipped and thrown into the darkest of the cells – the inner prison. (Act 16:23-27)

They could have thought God had forsaken or forgotten them! But in God they understood that which was now encamped around them of prison bars was nothing to the Spirit of the Lord who was encamped within them.

At the darkest point of their season, at mid-night hour a song started to rise within them and deep started to call unto deep. They had found the key that seasons are not forever and this season of darkness was not going to change who they were in God. It came with a beginning and an end date and so does your season. Nothing was going to stop them, for in the midst of that season of darkness Paul and Silas were able to lose sight of the darkness to the light that was within them.

I used to think it was their singing that brought the angel to them. I realise if this is true then why do we not see the miraculous in churches with all the singing! It does not equate.
God is looking more from us than a song. He is looking for us to be a manifestation of the Word -steadfast and immoveable, never changing. I Cor. 15:58

When a season of darkness comes to knock on the door of your life, don’t answer it with your head down as if God gave up on you. Paul and Silas had a choice of dancing with despair or God. If it had been you or I in their shoes, with whom would we have danced?
They knew, that they knew, that the God that started a work in them would be able to finish it no matter how great the darkness. In that understanding, they continue to pray and sing, never changing their spiritual identity, because of what had surrounded them.

Whether summer or winter, all seasons are perfect for their time. Suddenly the darkness that surrounded them became light as an angel entered!

No matter what surrounds you, know you are still light! Daniel had a season in the lion dens but it never caused him to fear. He knew the Lion of Judah! Allow yourself to be that which God intended you to be, in your darkness, as well as in the light. Keep walking in the Light in all seasons and your prison will be a place of light!



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