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That which has knocked you off your path is your opposition!I Was On My Way To Score!

There I was just in my early teens and picked for the local football team. Oh, as a young guy with no stubble on my face I was so excited that I could prove that I could play somewhat.

The whistle blew and the match started, I was playing centre of the field.

At a certain time within the match I remember someone shouting (someone with more experience) "RUN!" My mind took a bad beating - run where, do I run back, run to the side, run forward - where do I run?? By the time I tried to figure it out I noticed the ball was shooting through the air towards the front of me - my legs took off and I ran like a racehorse on its last corner and as I found the ball at my feet in seeing the opposition goals it was like the horse seeing that finish line. It was like time had stood still as an opportunity was set in front of me to score. Have you ever been there?

As I heard other team mates shouting from behind, - "Run Maurice, hit the ball!" Trying to get closer to the goals, I ran that few more feet with the ball trying to score when all of a sudden.... My body went up into the air, as for the ball I didnít know where it went. All I knew was something took me out.

Has that ever happened to you? You're on the path, on that run, life in many ways had been sorted, and you could sense achievements were in line for you but then something took you out!

For me that day it was the opposition player he had slipped his feet under mine at high speed resulting on my body leaving the earth for that moment of time until I fell on my back.

Listen carefully, that which has knocked you off your path is your opposition. That is its job! Whether itís, sickness, divorce, sin, adultery, financial ruin to name but a few, they all come to disrupt, to separate, and to destroy.

It takes a real man or woman to pull themselves together and get back up from the mud that theyíve fell into.

Listen, itís time to dust yourself down, to wash your face (as the Bible would say) and look again at those goal posts! Take authority over it and look again at running in the race, look again!

Like they shouted at me that day because of their experience - "RUN!" But can you hear His voice shouting to you "RUN!" Yes, like me you could be wondering "but run where too!" Itís quite simple - run again to the dream that was and is still within you. (The gifts and callings are without repentance)

If you could imagine that ball as the anointing, and itís given for one purpose only - to destroy the works of the evil one - in the words of my story - to score goals!!!!!
Whether you like it or not, the whistle has not blown Ė Itís only halftime. By now you should have a good idea of what the enemy can do and how he will try and take you out. But you, youíre wiser, more experienced, itís time again to look for that ball.

There I was on the field again realizing the only one who was feeling sorry was me. I might have missed an opportunity to score but the whistle hadnít blown.

Yes, I was playing but could I say, "half playing after I fell" in other words my heart was not in it just my body. But then I heard it again - "RUN Maurice!" No one had to tell me what to do, no one had to tell me where to run, and I just ran as quickly as I could towards the enemyís goals. And yes it happened - I didnít find the ball it found me and whack I hit that ball and it went past the opposition goalkeeper and I jumped for joy - A goal and we had won!!!

My friend, the word of the Lord today for you is "RUN!" His anointing will find you as you are faithful. An opportunity that only the Master can create will sit again in front of you and as it does He will lead you and bang - You will score for the Master! Don't let the whistle for your life blow until you take your shot. Be blessed and run the race.


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