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The Day I was Stripped and found Naked?

One of the hardest things that we all have to face in this life is a thing called ‘Reality!’ It is that moment of time when no matter what one has built in or around oneself it can be stripped away.

Adam had everything going for him. A wife called Eve. A career as a head gardener and did you know he had the first ministry! In case you think ministry is some sort of stage with a microphone that is not so. Ministry my friend is firstly unto the Lord and then through the Lord, for it is He who is the Minister! If we are not getting that right then our foundation is wrong and as you will see as you read on when this happens our walls that we have built will crack.

Adam walked and talked with the Lord in the cool of the day (Gen. 3:8) ministry was happening right there in the garden. But something happened in that garden, something that not only was going to challenge Adam but also strip him to the point that when all was taken away he found out that he was naked.

It is very difficult when that in which we have put our trust in is all of a sudden taken from us. When it happens we normally hide! We hide from the reality of what is truly happening, the pain, grief or loss in our eyes. We ask ourselves, “What will people think?” For we know everyone is capable of judging in some form or another! We put on our makeup called ‘pretence’ and before we know it years pass and we have lived it from behind a false face. But when we truly stand in God’s presence the pretence of everything is wiped away and we are left with nothing to hide behind. What is it like for God the Creator of mankind to ask His creation, “Where are you?” (Gen. 3:9) Don’t let this question fool us into thinking that God lost Adam off His radar. No, God, who is omniscient (all knowing) knows in this moment of time exactly where we are at, right now. He knows what ‘fig leaves’ that we have made to cover us including a ministry, as we seek to hide behind it. That particular day God challenged Adam, “Where are you” In other words - God was asking, from where I positioned you, where have you positioned yourself?

When a ministry starts, it is like a new born child. You may not even have a name for it, what is the full purpose of it, the character of it and so on. For me, I had been carrying this child called ‘ministry’ for several years at this point and slowly but surely it was birthing unto the scene of time. In my sight the ministry had now grown with crusades and seminar to the degree that in many people’s eyes we were being successful. It was an amazing feeling that somehow I had stepped on to a train track and this train not only was being filled to capacity but popular speakers were now in the queue to come and minister for us. Surely nothing could go wrong!

It was normal at that time for me to have what is deemed ‘business meetings’ whether over the course of lunch, breakfast etc with these ministers, discussing their arrangements of what they required to come. And, on this occasion, my team and I traveled to Dublin, Ireland, to meet with a man of God who witnessed powerful miracles and with the full intention of securing a date for him to come and minister for us. However, little did I know my life was about to change dramatically. As the man came across the hotel lobby and his staff introduced us to him the anointing came all over me. He sat down beside me and what I deemed was going to be ‘sort out the arrangements for the meeting’. After introducing himself, he said, “God has given me a word for you! And as I waited for this inspiring word from God (thinking, maybe God was now going to use me to reach the world as we were doing so well) he said, “Within three months your ministry will close!”

Even though I smiled my reaction internally was, “Wow, thanks God after all the things I had done for you!” I was not a happy chappy. And yet my spirit knew without question of doubt this was a word from God. But I did wonder how could this be, why would God close His own work? The answer was quite simply, I was doing the building and not God. Pride had entered!

The underlying motive that had been hidden within me for years and I never realized it, was, the greater I could build something the more God was affirming me. I had been gathering fig leaves all around me and I was found naked.

It is a hard thing when that which is our lifeline for strength dries up and that which we deemed as success is taken from us?

For me it was a ministry. The water was flowing and really out of no-where except a word from a man of God the river stopped suddenly!

What happens when that which fulfils oneself dries up? When everything you believe and sown into disappears as a flame in the night? When you go from thousands to a handful to one! I tell you out of experience your flesh cries out what will the people think and your spirit says, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!” (Job 13:15) It is a very hard path, but it is only on this path that we are taught how to change from our own strength to His!

Adam took for granted God’s glory clothing him before the fall and like Adam, when we do that we lose our sharpness and give access to pride. Yet, when the devil’s puppets stripped Jesus at the Cross they got an unexpected result. They couldn’t strip Him from His Glory!

As with Adam God made a way with the Blood! (Genesis 3:21) A fresh cleansing awaits us to set us free of what we see as success. Our lives and ministries will change when we have been stripped and found NOT naked! Not because of us but because God has clothed us with His glory! Today, I am more grateful for His glory than counting heads. I am more grateful for His touch than mans! And when God corrects I know I am His child!

Read more of what all took place in my own life in the extended “The Day I was Stripped and found Naked” by logging unto “The Kings Table” on our website. We pray at MWM pray that it will encourage, strengthen and give you hope to fulfill your destiny!



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