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Are you feeling burdened, lonely or in bondage?

Are you in that place were you feel no one understands your situation or the pressure of ministry is feeling very heavy? Maybe your family life is suffering, you are struggling with temptation, your finances seem to be sinking. Do you question whether or not you are hearing from God, maybe you wonder what message you should be delivering this Sunday? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, this ministry is for you!

Without a doubt Maurice Wylie Ministries carries an anointing and we wish you to be part of it. We offer you a chance to witness the anointing coming to you via our correspondence ministry. No matter who you are, how you are or where you are God has a plan and purpose for your life. If you have a question, need someone to talk too or perhaps just want to write to us - we are here for you. All correspondence is treated highly confidential.

All we ask is that you would please provide as much detail as possible when writing including your name if possible or a nickname so we can address you. Donít sit alone when we can stand together!

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